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About HMC
Debra Gaul, Owner of HMC, loves to entertain and share her creations with friends and family at various gatherings.  She is known for her holiday spreads and goodies, which have included savory and sweet items.  She also "experiments" with different flavors when creating special cakes and other baked goods.  Many friends and colleagues encouraged her to open her own business.  

The name actually came from two dear friends who, unbeknownst to each other, both suggested that Debra open a business called Hoosier Mama as an homage to her Indiana roots.  Now that she has retired and returned to Indiana, HMC has become her next adventure!

HMC is operated in South Bend, IN.  All items will be made to order to ensure freshness and customer satisfaction.  Orders are currently being accepted locally only.  

Since her Grand Opening in 2013, it has been her goal to treat every customer like they were a part of the family. Other companies may offer similar services, but her services come with a personal touch. 

The peony on the right is an homage to Debra's mother, who loved peonies.

At HMC, we take care to provide our customers with high quality products which are personalized for your unique needs. HMC looks forward to meeting or chatting with you to discuss your special orders!

Everything made by HMC is made from scratch, using butter, cream, and other quality ingredients.  You can taste the difference!

HMC can provide a variety of sweet items and/or savory items, so please consider HMC for your next special event or gathering.

​If you have any questions concerning deliveries, pick-ups or prices, please don't hesitate to contact HMC. We will help you find the best solutions to ensure an enjoyable event.

​Here is a listing of some of the items offered; however, do not let this list stop you from asking for other items or flavors. HMC loves to experiment and create items specifically for you. Your ideas, designs, pictures, etc. are always welcome! HMC loves to invent new items, so this list may grow!

Cookies - specialize in minis and bite-sized
Brownies - pan, bars and minis
Cakes - various sizes, shapes and multi-layered
Cupcakes - minis and standard
Cake Balls/Cake Pops
Pies and Tarts - Regular, individual and minis
Cheesecakes - Regular and minis
Breads and Muffins
Specialty Items - Profiteroles, eclairs, etc.
Other Desserts - Tiramisu, Shortcakes, Cobblers and Crisps, etc.
Special Requests - Limited to our and your imagination!

Pepperoni Rolls
Quiche - Regular and mini
Hor Dourves - hot and/or cold
Cocktail Meatballs
Dips - savory and sweet
Special Requests - HMC will attempt to accommodate your menu ideas!

Products and Services
Planning a Wedding/Special Event?
Planning an event, and you want to sample products before you commit to a vendor?

HMC can put together a sampler package for you.  We do require some notice, as our products are made to order.  HMC can also give you an estimated price quote, along with suggestions/options for your event.

Once you choose HMC, we will reserve the event date for you, and we will schedule a formal consultation with you, at your convenience, to discuss the details.  We will have a final meeting six weeks to two months prior to your event, and at that time, a  $75 non-refundable deposit will be required from you.  The balance will need to be paid two weeks prior to the event.  A final count will be also required at the two-week mark and final expenses figured at that time.

Things to consider:  cake size, shape, flavor, frosting, filling, cupcakes or mini cupcakes to complement the cake, or sheet cakes "behind the scenes," colors, design, logistics, cake topper, etc,  If you have any pictures, ideas or color swatches, please bring them with you to our consultation/planning meeting! 

When considering a summer wedding or shower, please take into consideration the weather. Parties that are planned for any summer event need to remember that no cake or food is safe in weather over 70*. Tents are even worse because they heat up even more and fans only circulate hot air. Cakes and Frostings/Fondant have dairy in them. Buttercreams have butter and sugar that will melt in the sun. Decorations are made of sugar based products and will wilt; fresh flowers will wilt. Italian Meringue Buttercream will hold up to 70* but not in direct sunlight. No bakery can promise that their product will hold up in temperatures over that. It is not food safe, period. Outdoor weddings are beautiful, but your cake and your food must be in an indoor, preferably air conditioned environment. We put hours and hours creating your dream cake, you spend your hard earned money for it, and the last thing you want to remember on your wedding day is your cake melting like the Wicked Witch of the West!